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Are You a Potential Pyschopathic Serial Killer?

1. When someone cuts you off on the freeway, do you
A) take a deep breath and let it slide, or
B) write down their license plate number, hunt them down and kill them?
C) Other.

2. Do you buy
A) excessive quantities of string cheese, or
B ) sub-machine guns
C) Other.

3. When your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you, do you?
A) repent on your shortcomings, or
B) kill them
C) Other.

4. Have you
A) never been to jail because you had really good lawyers, or
B) never been OUT of jail, nor heard of the term "lawyer"?
C) Other.

5. When you heard of the Columbine shootings, did you
A) feel sorry for the poor innocent souls who lost their lives, or
B) yell "damn, they beat me to it!"
C) Other.

6. Was any member of your family, dead or alive, a convicted felon?
A) no, I could not rightly tell you given my lack of substantial research into my ancestry, or
B) I am Charles Manson's secret child.
C) Other.

7. Do police, in your point of view, seem like
A) nice people just trying to keep order in a rough world, or
B) secret alien bug-people planning world domination?
C) Other.

8. Do you own
A) large supplies of carrot sticks, or
B) tactical nuclear weapons.
C) Other.

9. Do you take pleasure in assualtive video games such as Half-Life, Doom, or Counter-Strike? Because if you do, you are definitely a potential psychopathic serial killer.
A ) no, I read to the blind in my spare time, or
B) yes, I am a psychopathic serial killer with a lust for blood and gore.
C) Other.

10. Did you get kicked out of school
A) because of bad grades, or
B) because you frequently spray-paint "I WILL KILL YOU ALL" in the hallways.
C) Other.