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If everything is coming ur way...........your in the wrong damn lane!!

Submitted by ~*Alexis~*

There once was a man who had no shoes, he met another man who had no feet,and the sad thing is, he asked"Do you have a pair of shoes I could borrow" what an idiot!!

Submitted by ~*Alexis~*

GOd made me hot, who cares if your not!!

Submitted by ~*Alexis~*

God made rivers God made lakes God made you we all make mistakes

Submitted by sexygirl

pain is temporary, BUT glory is forever

Submitted by ~BeAtY~ ****

I'm the kind of person my parents warned me about.

Submitted by ~*~heather~*~

Your ugly as hell,it's okay god still loves you!!

Submitted by *^Alexis^*

He tries to hard,
He thinks he's "too cool",
the chicks he call,
think he's a fool!!!

Submitted by Bflames101

When I look back in my mirror and c your face, I think, "Is that your face, or are you trying to be funny?"

Submitted by ~**Belle**~

HOnor Rol Stewdant

Submitted by You Mama
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