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you laugh because im diffrent. I laugh because you are all the same

Submitted by a sexy hoy mama

~~I wAnnA DiE lIke My GrAnDpA, SoUnd AsLeeP, Not LikE ThE PAssENgErS ScrEaMinG IN hIs CaR!!~~

Submitted by Mary Mo

If at first you don't succeed... skydiving's not for you.

Submitted by Cindy

Oxy Moron #53... Microsoft works

Submitted by Cindy

if ya think you're goin pass a chick driving a u might end up in the ditch!!!

Submitted by sexy crystal

they say its impossible for two people to think the same thing at the same time, but it guy is walking a tight rope and the other is getting a blow job from a 90 yr old women, they think the same thing at the same time what is it?

Submitted by jUANITA

Don't Drink and Drive.... You might go over a bump and spill your beer!

Submitted by Alyssa

I know im being a bitch right now...BUT ITS NOT MY FAULT....ITS NATURES!!!!

Submitted by ~*MIRANDA*~

Honk At Someone In Miami They'll Let You Pass Honk At a Staten Islander we'll Pull Out Our 9s U HEARD

Submitted by ~** NiCoLe **~

Who wants to play Simon sais? OK! Simon Sais HONK! Simon Sais Cut me off N u DIE!!!!

Submitted by ~** NiCoLe**~
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