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Hell Was FULL, so I Came Back

Submitted by hell

Does your SMALL brain ever get lost in your BIG head?

Submitted by foxy

CAUTION!! I know karate....... and six other chinese words!

Submitted by moi

If boys are so stupid, then how come it was Eve that screwed us all when she ate the damn apple

Submitted by adam

I'm going Nuckin Futs!!!

Submitted by the gurl next door

Don't hate me cuz i'm beautiful.... hate me cuz your man thinx i am

Submitted by hot chic

every hottie with a body needs a cutie with a bootie

Submitted by Breanna

i'm not suffering frum insanity... I'M ENJOYING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!

Submitted by moonbabe...cuz i'ma babe frum tha moon baby!!!

I'm checkin you out. No pressure. Oh yeah, would you mind taking your shirt off?

Submitted by Suga'Babe

Don't bother under-estimating the size of the driver cause the size of the car will do a good job anyway!

Submitted by the gurl
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